Land acquisition bottleneck in the country's most extended double-decker flyover construction, construction work interrupted.

The country's longest double-decker is being built in the Chhapra district of Bihar. There is a target to grow by 2022, but there is a big hurdle in land acquisition. Due to this, construction work has been affected. About 48 decimals of land are to be acquired in the construction of the double-decker. Meanwhile, the problem is that most of the area is Lopoland from Beggar Chowk to Mauna Hote Municipal Chowk. It has not been surveyed. That is, that land will be considered as government.

Land acquisition bottleneck in country's longest double decker flyover construction, construction work interrupted.
Land acquisition bottleneck in the country's most extended double-decker flyover construction, construction work interrupted.

If someone built a shop on such land, then someone made a house. People have occupied themselves for almost 100 years. In such a situation, land acquisition cannot be made. But people are adamant.

According to the official of the land acquisition department, the notification of the land tax for the acquisition of land has not yet been received. What can the department do? The construction of a double-decker in this screw may be affected.

Saran divisional commissioner RL Chogthu has a meeting with technical officers regarding this. In which the problem of land acquisition in the construction was told by the project engineer of the bridge construction corporation that the target of completing the double-decker under construction in Chapra city by 2022 is set. But there is a problem of land acquisition from Gandhi Chowk to Municipal Chowk. The proposal about which has been given to the department.

The longest double-decker flyover is
Being built in Chhapra, North India's first double-decker flyover. It will be the most massive double-decker flyover in the whole of India, with a length of about 3.5 km. It is targeted to be completed within the next 3 years (by 2022). The longest double-decker flyover will cost around Rs 411 crore. The double-decker flyover will be approximately 3.5 kilometers in length and 5.5 meters in width. Explain that the longest double-decker flyover in the country is in Mumbai with a range of 1.8 km.

Double-decker flyover of Elaynment

Bihar Rajya Pul Nirman According to information received by the Corporation 400 meters before the double-decker beggar Thakur Chowk flyover Chapra, AVS will start from the school. It will be able to go from Gandhi Chowk and Nagar Palika to the bus stand. This bridge can also be used to go from Siwan via Patna to Chhapra and from Siwan to Patna.

The biggest problem for the city of Mukti Chapra will be forever from the jam. There are many reasons for this. Once the double-decker is built, the issue of jelly will be liberated forever. Being the primary market, it is often jammed. Road widening is not possible. The flyover will get rid of the jam.

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